Interdisciplinary Theatre

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SAMUEL NUÑEZ started playing theatre at the age of 15. When he was 17, he developed first ideas about emotions in acting and wrote his first play. At the age of 18 he became a member of a professional theatre company. From 1995 - 1999 he studied theatre in Santiago de Chile. Directly after this he taught contemporary dance and interpretation at his former school.


During his work as a teacher, actor, director, writer, dramatic adviser and choreographer of different laboratories and companies he explored the possibilities of transgressive theatre as suggested by Antonin Artaud and Jerzy Grotowski. He focussed especially on body language and human emotionality and their use in theater while also studying intensively the methods of Stanislavski, Brook, Barba, Jodorowski and Meyerhold.


As part of his professional training Samuel had learned the technique "alba emoting" which had been developed by neurologist Dr. Susana Bloch as a therapy for emotional blockages and other psychological problems. Alba emoting uses respiratory and muscular parameters to reach real emotions. Inspired by it, Samuel designed techniques (such as emotional resonance), that serve the authentic embodiment of emotions and psychological states. Moreover he immersed himself into disciplines of different cultures that deal with the human body and mind, such as anthropology, noh theatre, butoh, yoga, taoism, zen and western psychology. Samuel merged his insights with more known and own techniques from dance, theatre and visual arts. A new method evolved, its aim being to help artists to become very familiar with their main instrument, the body and to free themselves from that which obstructs their natural ability of expression.


In Barcelona and later in Berlin Samuel Nuñez started offering independent theatre courses to share the results of his research and to keep developing further his method. His classes address beginners as well as professionals. Artists of different fields like to participate and deepen their skills, especially of emotional and physical expression, presence and authenticity. Today, he works in Catalunya and Germany, where he offers classes and intensive workshops and works on new performance and research projects.


Samuel Nuñez Biographie                                

Intervalo, Barcelona 2002                                                                                Demutilación 4, Chile 1993