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Theatre course / acting class / actor training in Barcelona & Berlin for beginners to professionals

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Theatre today is much more than just dramatic interpretation. It is influenced by many fields of art. This theatre course has an open and interdisciplinary concept aiming to incorporate these different influences, which do not always fit strictly into the conventional category of theatre. In this way, techniques and forms of expression from different cultures, genres and styles are joined together to create something new, the body always being the point of origin and centre of our work.


Among others, the following methods will be part of this class: Dramatic improvisation and composition, emotional expression, yoga, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, Grotwoski training, Butoh Dance and Noh Theatre. We will also treat performance and body art as well as interconnectivity and resonance of movement and emotion.


Physical training will help the participant to get in touch intensively with her or his own body and to use it as an instrument of creation. Working with new parameters of movement the body is liberated from habits and concepts that restrict its potential of expression. Emotional interpretation will be another strong focus throughout the course. Using a physical approach it is possible to unblock, experience and express real emotions. Being authentic emotions, those dissolve the line between acting and being. As they do not depend on a concrete situation or a psychological cause, they can be - once mastered - an all-purpose tool for artistic communication. Internal experience can be expressed by the body in a very direct and sincere way. The inner world becomes one with movement creating an intimate and honest new reality.


"Theatre is poetry that rises from the book and becomes human. And doing so, it talks, shouts, weeps and despairs. Theatre needs characters to appear on stage who wear a suit of poetry and at the same show their bones, their blood..."

Federico García Lorca


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Barcelona - Physical Theatre class for beginners to professionals

January 17th until march 14th

Place LA SALAMANDRA, Carrer de Burgos 55, int 3a, Barcelona
Time Wednesdays, 8 pm - 10 pm
Fee (whole course / 9 classes) 180,- € / 150,- €*

4 classes card 110,- € / 75,- €

Drop-In Fee: 25,- /22,-* € per class

Teacher Samuel Nuñez

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Berlin - Physical Theatre course is open to new participants


Teachers Rosalin Hertrich, Marc Carrera, Samuel Nuñez



* (Reduction for students and other low-income groups)


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