Transdisciplinary Theatre


Company Project

Transdisciplinary Performing Arts Project in Barcelona

Studying as member of a theatre company: This project is an intensive course with the quality of an artistic formation. It is designed to offer the participants an experience of working as a theatre company with a professional director. Moreover, it will provide them practical tools as well as the theoretical background necessary for the artistic process from concept to production. Samuel will write and direct a piece especially for this company with the idea of showing it in Barcelona and Berlin during summer and fall 2019.


The project is open to artists of all disciplines (actors, dancers, acrobats, musicians etc.). Persons with little former experience are welcome.


For more information please see Samuel´s biography and contact us to arrange a personal informative meeting.



  Ensayo para STEPPE con el company project en Berlin, 2016.




• Physical Theatre

• Dramaturgy in movement

• Installation and Body Art

• Improvisation and Choreografy

• Aesthetics

• Theatre Anthropology

• Realism, Surrealism and Performance

• 4 levels of role construction

• Transdisciplinary role construction

• Time and space as elements of theater production

• Stage set (poetics, semiotics etc.)

• Tools for working in groups


Recommended lecture: C. Stanislavski: "An Actor Prepares", A. Artaud: "The Theatre and Its Double", J. Grotowski: "Towards a Poor Theatre", E. Barba: "The Paper Canoe", P. Brook: "The Empty Space"




PHYSICAL THEATRE "STEPPE" from Samuel Nuñez on Vimeo. (Company Project 2016, Berlin)




Company Project in Barcelona 2019 - we have started, but it is still possible to join the group!

January 8th to July 26th (with vacacions from april 8th to 1st of may)

Tuesday & Thursday, 10 to 14.30 (3 hours of practical work and 1 to 1,5 hours of conceptual/theoratical work)

Studio La Salamandra, Carrer de Burgos 55, Barcelona-Sants

Participants max. 10

Monthly fee 210,- €

Director Samuel Nuñez

Languages Spanish, English & German

If you are interested, please write us to arrange a personal meeting:



The Company Project´s showing of STEPPE at TATWERK Berlin 2016